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Product Reviews

Free Product Reviews

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Kool it wraps

Kool_it_bootsAfter a heavy workout and jumping you should take care of your horses legs. I used Kool It Wraps on Occy’s back legs last weekend. They are easy to use and don’t rely on ice, but you can soak them in ice water if available. Just start soaking about half an hour before you need them to hydrate the Gel.

The benefit is they absorb the heat from the horses legs exceptionally well, and you don’t have to worry about freezing the horses legs and causing damage as can happen when using straight ice. They cool for a long time and once they warm up it is a easy thing to do to dunk them in cold water again to refresh the cooling effect. They are an Australian made,  well constructed heavy Cotton Boot filled with water holding crystals with adjustable Velcro straps to hold them in place. – get some now, you can even get them custom made in a large range of colours

Horse Downunder logoThe Horse Downunder Magazine Review

Managed to have a read of couple editions of a magazine called “The Horse Downunder Magazine”. Must say I am impressed. It’s not just filled with competition reports or dedicated to a particular discipline of style of riding. For example the May 2010 edition has features in it about Steve Jefferys, Shane Rose, Nike Chapman and Pat Parelli. June includes articles about Equestrian Artist Tom McAulay, a ride to Snake Island, Victoria and some training tips from Double Dan Horsemanship.

But wait there is more. J Country personalities, towns and clubs also get included along with their stories and connection to the land and horses.

So there is something for everyone. Articles are well written and always accompanied with great photo’s. Check out their website

LB-works-with-youngster-Dan-frontA day home alone with Laura Bechtolsheimer & Klaus Balkenhol

It’s a Saturday and I got to stay home. Bizarre that. And its sort of raining. Perfect with catching up with some of my DVD watching. I have a couple of Laura Bechtolsheimer dressage training videos from which are excellent. Both of them feature Klaus Balkenhol

Laura Bechtolsheimer works with Dan and Klaus Balkenhol as her coach, with some very clear translation done by Dr. Bechtolsheimer. The Future Stars DVD also includes a very clear portion on Long Reining, portions of which can and should be also used for lunging a horse. Lots of transitions and changes rather than a senseless chasing of a horse in circles. It is worth getting this DVD just for this. But then again the section with Klaus Balkenhol, Laura Bechtolsheimer and the 4 year old Joey, is superb.

But my favourite DVD is the one that concentrates on Laura’s horse Dankeschoen (Dan to his friends). It is a progression of training over several months of Laura riding Dan by herself and explaining what she is doing with the warm up and exercises. This includes training for lateral movements from shoulder in to travers and renvers including required aids to help the horse. The DVD It even shows how Laura handles things when they go slightly wrong, no staged training videos here. Better this way because for most of us things don’t always go right and we need to know how to deal with those times.

And through all of this Laura just talks on, not even out of breath. Once again you get to enjoy Klaus Balkenhol coaching Laura in the section dealing with the start of piaffe, and his experience really does show here.

Apart from the quality of the riding and the coaching on these DVDs, they have some of the best sound and video quality I have seen in a long time. Can’t really wait until the next rainy day to watch them again. Both DVDs are available from It stopped raining, so better get back out there and ride now


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