Barrymoor Dorian

Croftcnoc Dorian Happy Birthday to Dorian who turns 21 years old on 15th of October 2006.

Dorian is the most successful competition Highland stallion in Australia. He is by the well known Highland pony sire Barrymoor Grand Final out of a Queensland bred mare TaranganbaDonia. On both sides of Dorian’s pedigree are the original imported Highland ponies to Australia including Glenearn Brigadier imported to Australia in the late 1960’s and Trooper MacPherson imported in the early 1970’s.

His showing career has spanned over 13 years with numerous wins at Royal and Agricultural shows. He has also competed successfully at Dressage andshowjumping. He has now been retired to Stud where he is producing some lovely foals with his very quiet, placid temperament and great rideability.

Some of his career highlights include:

Champion Highland Pony Royal Melbourne Show: since inception in 1988 to 2000

Supreme Champion Highland Pony Victorian Stud Pony Show: 1987 to 91, 1994, 1996 to 2000

National Buckskin Society Highpoint Ridden Stallion: 1991/92, 1994 to 1997, 1999/00.

National Buckskin Society High Point Led Stallion: 1994 to 1997 & Reserve in 1999/00

Supreme Ridden Buckskin 1995 State Championships

Placed at the Victorian Dressage Championships 1998 & 99

2004 Supreme Champion Highland Pony HPS Championship show held in Victoria, with judge Scott McGregor from Ballinton Highland Ponies.

 Dorian has sired 44 foals to date and has 7 foals due this season in 2006. His progeny are listed below. To date only one entire has been kept, Harkaway Lodge Fergus, who stands at stud in Tasmania and is owned by the Spry Family and 2 young colts have also been retained, Harkaway Lodge Ben Nevis owned by Jacinta Watson and CroftCnoc Carlyle owned by Anna Thirkell.


1991 - Bonnie Jade (part bred mare)

1992 - H L Lachlan (pure bred geld.)

1993- HL Velvet (AHL), HL Holly dec., (pure bred), BarrymoorDorinda (pure bred mare). CC Cognac (part bred geld), HL Jock(AHL geld)

1994- HL Hawthorn (pure bred geld), Senlac Rose (AHL), HL Cosmos (part bred geld), CC Midouri (part bred geld) dec.

1995 - HL Ginger (pure bred mare), CC Bianca (part bred mare).

1996 - HL Fergus (pure bred stallion).

1997 - CC Kaluha (part bred mare), CC Highland Rhythm (AHL), HL Heather Belle (pure bred mare).

1998- CC Robbie (pure bred geld) dec, CC Lilac (pure bred mare), CC Tia Maria (part bred mare).

1999 - CC Cedar (pure bred mare), HL Amber (AHL).

2000 - Campari(part bred geld).

2001 - Kyle (AHL geld), HL Lochart (AHL geld), Senlac Scotch Mist (pure bred mare), HL Kinross (pure bred geld).

2002- Cherrie (pure bred mare), HL Eve (AHL), CC Drambuie (part bred geld)dec., CamarineShazelle (part bred mare), CC Cinnamon Lass (part bred mare).

2003 - Kilkerran (pure bred geld).

2004 - CC Danielle (part bred mare), CC Dallas (pure bred mare), HL Ben Nevis (pure bred colt), Dungarron Tamaris (part bred mare), CC Coriander (part bred mare), HL Heath (pure bred geld).

2005 - CC Bentley (AHL geld), CC Austin (part bred geld), CC Carlyle (pure bred colt), Dungarron Harris (AHL geld).

  Of the 7 purebred mares he has sired, all have bred except for 2 and are spread across Victoria, NSW & Western Australia. Two grand children are now stallions, BarrymoorMacGregor who is owned by Sue Moore in Qld and has sired progeny. The other is a young colt, Barrymoor Mount Bourke who lives in NSW with Roger & Gloria Evans from Termeil.  There are 7 purebred female grand daughters, five of which are all in Western Australia.

 Of the 5 Foundation (AHL) mares he has sired, 3 have gone on to breed and produced 4 foals of which 3 are females, 2 remain in Victoria and one in South Australia.

 Interestingly, I have charted the different colours he has sired, 21 of which are duns of various shades, 10 Greys, 4 Bays, 4 Browns, 1 Taffy and 1 Black.  Of the Duns, 6 are Yellow Dun, 6 Mouse Dun, 6 Cream Dun and 3 Grey Dun.

 I am sure we are going to see much of Dorian’s progeny in the future. He is now enjoying a life of luxury at his home in Garfield, Victoria and continues to cover a few mares each season although he is no longer standing at public stud. (Frozen semen is available).

 Julia Grave &Anna Thirkell. 



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