Highland Ponies

Breeders of Highland Ponies, Warmbloods and Crossbred Performance horses.


Croftcnoc Stud has been breeding Highland ponies since the late 1980s. The Highland pony is a rare native breed of Scotland and is known as the versatile breed. Highlands are also known as ponies suitable for RDA, their talents are so varied that people are using them in all sorts of equine disciplines.

Over the years of competing and judging, we have seen the need for horses larger than the highlands maximum height of 14.2hh, but with the same soundness and temperament qualities. Each season we breed some Warmblood and Highland cross breeds as well as pure breeds, to meet the ever growing market. Highlands display many talents in activities including Pony Club, Adult Riding Club, Working Hunters, Dressage, Driving, long distance riding and Western Riding.

The ponies have been extremely successful in the show ring in their breed classes, Mountain and Moorland hunters, saddle classes and adult riders who prefer the easy going and relatively low maintenance of the Highland, known  for their hardiness, the ponies live out all year and tolerate many adverse weather conditions other breeds wont.

These ponies are part of the family and many new owners never sell their new friends on again. Their placid temperament and fantastic nature make them a friend for life.

Happy Birthday to one of our Resident Stallions
Barrymoor Dorian who turned 21 years old on 15th of October 2006



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